Payment Methods:
We offer a variety of secure payment options to suit your preferences, including:
Bitcoin: Experience seamless transactions and enhanced privacy with our Bitcoin payment option.
Wise:  Enjoy low-cost international transfers and fast payment processing with Wise.
Peer to Peer Payments: Easily send money to us using popular peer-to-peer payment methods like Zelle and Venmo, enabling convenient and direct transactions between you and us

PayPal: PayPal imposes transfer fees on received payments, particularly for international transactions, which are deducted from the total amount sent, thereby diminishing the amount received by the recipient. Additionally, PayPal employs its own exchange rates for currency conversion, often less favorable than the mid-market rate, leading to a reduced converted amount received by the recipient compared to the original sum sent.

Consequently, if a customer opts for PayPal transfer, they should pay an additional 10% of the total amount to cover our loss. Please note that we do not accept payments through PayPal from EU customers.

Shipping Prices and Options:
We offer a range of shipping options to accommodate your needs, including:
Registered Mail:  Enjoy affordable shipping rates with our standard registered mail service.
DHL and EMS: For expedited delivery and enhanced tracking capabilities, choose from our premium shipping options.
Custom Shipping Quotes: Shipping prices for DHL and EMS services will be provided via email upon order placement, ensuring transparency and fairness in pricing.
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